[Coral-List] 3 deminsional quadrat survey

Kristy_Wong at nps.gov Kristy_Wong at nps.gov
Wed Jan 25 14:20:47 EST 2006

   Aloha coral listers,

   *Does  anyone  know  or  have used a   algae  percent cover including the canopy?   a LONG paragraph explaining why I wan

   My  name  is  Kristy  Wong, and I work    Historical   Park,   in   Kailua-Kona   Hawaii.    remove/manage  an alien algae called Acanthophora spicifer   found  within  one  of  our fishponds.  OUr fishpond is of the    style, or man-made wall, and allows water to flow in and out of the t   he  pond via two makaha or sluice gates. Just outside of the wall is a
   prest   and  surfers.&   bio-control,  using  imu's  (ro   out  the pond.  Herbivorous fish    pond, due to lack of shelter for them t   and  eels  that also inhabit the pond.  So   able  to lure the herbivores further into the po   algae  within  the  pond  versus just the perimeters.    measuring  the  height  of  the algae within experimental trays    were  place  next to the imus, to see the effects of grazing of on the
   a   and  s   11  acre  pond,   deminsonal  quadrat,  exc   mouth,  and was wondering if any   algae density which would include the    help  us learn more about three deminsonal qu   built  and used, pls. let me know, or if you at leas   or   paper  that  used  this  method,  that  would  also  be  greatly   appreciated. Sorry for the long explanation.

   Kristy Wong


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