[Coral-List] mahalo nui

Kristy_Wong at nps.gov Kristy_Wong at nps.gov
Thu Jan 26 20:57:07 EST 2006

   To  all  listers  that  replied  to  my email pertaining to the 3 dem   insional   quadrat,  I  am  very  thankful  for  all  of  your  guyses
   inputs/suggesti   although  some  ideas  we   were glad to hear that maybe tha   we  should alter the method in a sort o   survey  area  and purpose. So I just wanted to    Mahalo  again for your time that you took out to help    send  a  follow up to let you guys know what we figured out to   best  method  for our purpose, or how we altered a method through all   the ideas and few of our own. Anyways, once again, Mahalo Nui.

   kristy wong


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