[Coral-List] mucus in the ectodermal epithelium of corals

Yael Ben-Haim Rozenblat yaelbhr at cc.huji.ac.il
Sun Jan 29 04:24:43 EST 2006

Hi all coral listrers,
Does anyone knows if there is mucus secretion (or something similar to mucus) from the ectodermal epithelium layer of corals? (meaning the calicoblastic ectodermis, close to the skeleton), and/ or any microorganisms associated with this microlayer of the corals?
Are there any publications or work done about this?
I appreciate any advice and help , and thank you in advance,

Yael Ben-Haim , Pn.D
The Institute of Earth Sciences
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Givat Ram Campus, Israel
Office: (+972) 2 6586194

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