[Coral-List] marine farm for sustainable development of aquariology trade

yoann aumond yoaumond at yahoo.fr
Tue Jan 31 10:30:04 EST 2006

  I'm a young french man with a degree in Marine Biology. I would like to investigate my self for the management of animal trade, and especially fish, for aquariology trade. This buisness make endangered the coral reef ecosystem physically and biologicaly due to the destructive practise (cyanure and explosive methods) which threaten the enormous diversity (important and essential for all the reasons you know). This practise occurs mainly in the south asia coral reef ecosystem which is the hot spoy for biodiversity. 
  So I need more field information and a maximum of contact from people who are involved in this fight (scientist, association, local initiatives, possible grants....). I'm thinking about a project of a marine farm in the field, sustainable, which give a work to all the actual fisherman, give a high quality to the fish in the aim to reduce their mortality and the volume of export... I have a lot of good idea but I need support and help from people which know well this problem, from field, and are involved in and trust in the possibility to change the way of working (and of course the way of thinking). 
  Thank you for you help and informations.
  Yoann AUMOND, "a motivated and hard worker dreamer"
  P.S.: sorry for my english, but I'm french... 

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