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>Subject: [Coral-List] Acropora pests : flatworm  and copepods
>Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 15:47:50 +0200
>Hello Coral Listers,
>First of all, please excuse me by advance for my English.
>I'm searching some informations on the Acropora flatworm pest, specially
>if it has already been determined exactly.
>The French aquarists are confronted more and more with this pest. And at
>this time, the majority cannot identify the symptoms of an attack.
>Levamisole seems to be the only effective product.
>It seems also that we face an Tegastes acroporanus (?) introduction with
>Acropora frags. But there's not too much informations available on it,
>so I'm searching informations on symptoms and how to cure.
>thanks by advance
>Laetitia Colon

Laetitia, Julian Sprung and I discuss this flatworm and treatments 
for it in The Reef Aquarium, volume 3, however, the Internet forum 
mentioned already is the best place to up to the minute information.

In the TRA3, we discuss the possibility of using wrasses belonging to 
the genus Halichoeres to eradicate the worms. These have proven very 
successful in dealing with red flatworms (Convolutriloba retrogemma) 
infestations, but it is not clear if they would be effective with the 
Acropora flatworms. The two species I have experience with, H. 
melanurus and H. leucurus have been very effective.


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