[Coral-List] can we inhance the coral growth at genetic level???

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Dear Shailendra,

Speeding up the growth rates of corals is probably not a very good idea.  In 
general, the faster a coral grows, the more vunerable it is to injury 
stress, and disease.  (This is of course a general statement and I am sure 
there are notable exceptions).  Faster growing corals also tend to be less 
dense and more vunerable to storms such as hurricanes.

Anyway, my point is that if you are going to manipulate anything at the 
genetic level, it should be to help species adapt better to the changes 
being force upon them by man such as heat stress, pollution stress, 
sedimentation stress, etc. or to promote better disease resistance.

There may be fairly easy ways to do these just has humans have breed plants 
and animals for thousands of years.  One approach is to select corals that 
have survived these stresses or diseases and propagate them...perhaps 
replanting over original ranges where a species was lost or threatened.


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Dear coral listener,
I am shailendra patap sonkar, MS in Marine Biotechnology, currently working 
as Research Fellow and pursuing my research work on "Molecular diversity in 
Indian scleractinian coral population from Lakshdweep islands, India" using 
ITS and mt-SSU r RNA gene from National Institute of oceanography, India.
Dear all, I have one question to know from you  that how we can enhance the 
growth speed of all coral at genetic level. I have read that the growth of 
coral is very very slow so can we try to do some modification at genetic 
level to enhance the growth speed of these cnidarians?? Hope I will get some 
positive comments.
I am currently looking for some lab, which can provide me training on 
interpretation and analysis molecular data to study of population genetic 
structure for a short period. It can be great help to me. I have no problem 
to share my publication that respective lab or person.
Looking forward for concern positive reply.
shailendra PS

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Gene lab,
Biological Oceanography Division,
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Dona paula,
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