[Coral-List] 2006 ISRS/TOC fellowship winners

Robert van Woesik rvw at fit.edu
Wed Jun 14 15:42:46 EDT 2006

Dear coral list,


Each year, The Ocean Conservancy and ISRS co-fund a program of fellowships
for graduate studies in coral reef science. Competition was fierce this
year, with more than 80 proposals submitted. On behalf of ISRS President
Nick Polunin I am pleased to announce the winners of this year's ISRS/TOC
Graduate Fellowships in Coral Reef Science, listed below in alphabetical


Wade Cooper, University of Miami, USA; Quantifying the effects of site
quality on settlement and early post-settlement dynamics in Scleractinians;


Annika Noreen, Southern Cross University, Australia; Corals at the

extreme:  connectivity and population dynamics of reef-building corals in
subtropical eastern Australia;


Carlos Toledo-Hernandez, University of Puerto Rico; Fungal community
associated with diseased and healthy Gorgonia ventalina, the role of
temperature stress and demographic 

consequences of aspergillosis to G. ventalina colonies;


Karin Ulstrup, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia; Bleaching
resilience of Acropora spp. associating with two phylogenetically different
algal endosymbionts;


Sheila Walsh, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA; Do
predator-dominated coral reefs have higher fish biomass and potential
harvest due to changes in growth rates?;


Anabella Zuluaga-Montero, University of Puerto Rico; Aspergillosis in sea
fans: phylogenetic relationship among Aspergillosis strains and patterns of



We are grateful to The Ocean Conservancy for their continuing support of
deserving students of coral reef science. I would like to add my personal
thanks to ISRS Recording Secretary Rob van Woesik and his fellowships
committee for reviewing the proposals.




Richard B. Aronson

ISRS Vice President



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