[Coral-List] Frame-grabbing software

capman at augsburg.edu capman at augsburg.edu
Mon Jun 19 00:23:06 EDT 2006

>Dear List Members,
>Does anyone have any suggestions for a software package that can:
>1) extract still images from digital video?

On a Macintosh, iMovie will do this.  I'm quite certain Quicktime Pro 
will do so as well.  Neither is outrageously expensive.  These days 
new Macs seem to always come with iMovie already installed, actually.

I don't know the PC side of things so well, but I suspect there are 
similar affordable options for PC.

>2) extract still images and run image analyses?

For image analysis (but not frame capture) there is a free, 
downloadable image analysis program for Macintosh called NIH Image. 
See http://rsb.info.nih.gov/nih-image/

There is also a very similar free program for PC called ImageJ (see 
the above link for information on ImageJ...look in the FAQ section).

I hope this helps.

>This is for a video benthic habitat survey. The Department already
>owns an image-analysis package that does not grab stills so if there
>is a (less expensive) package that does only #1, better for the
>Thank you,
>Tamsen Byfield
>Victoria University
>Wellington, New Zealand
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