[Coral-List] Call for co-chairs of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium minisymposia

Robert van Woesik rvw at fit.edu
Tue Jun 20 14:58:24 EDT 2006

Dear 11th ICRS participant,

As a lead up to the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium (to be held in
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA on July 7-11, 2008), the Scientific Program
Committee (nested within the 11th ICRS Local Organizing Committee) has
developed a proposed science program of concurrent sessions or Mini-Symposia
that will be question-driven rather than declarative, and therefore group
efforts to solve particular problems.

The Science Program Committee is requesting proposals for Co-Chairs for
Mini-Symposiums. (Co-Chairs must include at least 2 members from different
institutes: one (or 2) established scientist(s) and at least one junior
scientist (Ph.D student or post-doc). Each Mini-Symposium is driven by 3-4
well focused questions and the science program committee has outlined key
questions within each.


The following are the current Mini-Symposia: 

1.	Lessons from the past 
2.	Coral reef organisms as recorders of local & global environmental
3.	Coral reef physiology 
4.	Causes and consequences of coral bleaching 
5.	Diseases on coral reefs 
6.	Ecological processes on today's reef ecosystems 
7.	Reef resilience 
8.	Shifting baselines 
9.	Coral reef biodiversity 
10.	Reef connectivity 
11.	Coral reef monitoring - new technologies and approaches 
12.	Modeling concepts & processes on coral reefs 
13.	Socio-economics 
14.	Coral reef associated fisheries 
15.	Reef management 
16.	Reef restoration 
17.	Climate change
18.	Suggestions for Other Mini-Symposia.


We have developed an electronic database to facilitate your response to this
Call For Mini-Symposium Co-Chairs: 



If you have interest in becoming a Co-Chair, please go to the link and
submit information for the appropriate session. 


Please respond to this survey by August 1, 2006. 


Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to an interesting and
productive 11th ICRS and to seeing you there! 




Rob van Woesik
Chair Science Committee, 11th ICRS 


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