[Coral-List] coral reef decline graphics

David McGuire david at trilliumfilms.net
Fri Jun 23 15:03:51 EDT 2006

Dear list

I am completing a documentary on reef shark and coral reef   
conservation, and am seeking some simple graphics to demonstrate the  
severity of coral reef decline, either worldwide, in the Pacific,  
Hawaii specifically, and or bleaching events over the past decade.   
Are there graphics available that we can adapt - e.g. make dynamic -  
to emphasize the narration for a general audience?  We would give  
full credits both on screen and in the credit roll.  I have had  
difficulty getting other graphics from publications such as Nature  
and Science due to copyrights so I thought I would go to the source.

thank you

David McGuire, Producer
Sharks:Stewards of the Reef
Triilium Films
Sausalito CA


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