[Coral-List] Sudan expedition

GJ Gast gj at fishion.org
Sat Jun 24 02:28:56 EDT 2006

Dear all,


There was some discussion a while ago about getting out the message. This is
an opportunity for a rather positive one. 


We are currently for 2 weeks on a research and documentation expedition in 2
MPAs in Sudan. Essentially this is the start of long term monitoring of
quite healthy reefs of which African Parks Foundation has taken up the
management less than a year ago. The challenge is to combine reef
conservation with the development of tourism and the need of the local
inhabitants. You can follow the expedition and the highlights of the results
on our weblog which we now manage to update daily (mostly). This weblog is
primarily aimed at the general public so scientific nitty-gritty will be
communicated later in a different fashion.


Please do also spread this message. 


Best wishes, GJ


GJ Gast - Fishion Consultancy

Weblog Sudan expedition:



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