[Coral-List] Case studies needed on economic valuation / incentives in marine resources management

Roxburgh, Toby Toby.Roxburgh at jacobs.com
Tue Jun 27 12:05:13 EDT 2006

Dear Coral listers 


We're looking for people to present case studies of their work to stimulate
discussions at a series of workshops under the theme of "Economic Valuation
and Incentives in Marine Natural Resources Management", to be held at the
International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium 3 (ITMEMS3) in
October this year in Mexico (seehttp://www.itmems.org
<http://www.itmems.org/> ).


Case studies are invited that cover/relate to one or more of the potential
topics under the proposed workshop titles at the end of this message. Case
studies will need to demonstrate an applied problem/solution type approach
(especially related to the topics below).  Selection of individual case
studies will be based on trying to get broad coverage of the following: 

*	Either local, national, or regional perspectives 
*	Different types of ecosystems (i.e. not only coral reefs), and 
*	Different parts of the world.   


Note that the final titles/nature of the workshops will depend on the case
studies submitted.


However, time is limited!  If you are interested in submitting and presenting
a case study, please send an abstract (max 100 words) to us ideally by 8th
July 2006 (i.e. in two weeks time). If potentially interested but can't meet
this deadline please let us know ASAP. If selected, full case study write ups
would then need to be submitted by 31st August 2006. 


Please submit abstracts and write ups by email to the contact details below
following the guidelines on format/content on the ITMEMS webpage


There may possibly be scope for some financial support to help a few
presenters to attend the event. If submitting a case study and you require
support to attend, please also send us a brief note on your circumstances.  


If you are interested in a wider role to help out with organisation of the
workshops, please let us know.


Please forward this email to anyone you think may be interested.


Many thanks in advance

Toby and James


Please respond to either: 


Toby Roxburgh (Principal Environmental Consultant)


Jacobs House, London Rd., Reading, RG61BL, UK

Tel: 0044 (0)118 9635298

Fax: 0044 (0)118 9263888

Email: toby.roxburgh at jacobs.com

Web: www.jacobs.com / www.jacobs-babtie.co.uk




James Spurgeon (Technical Director)


Jacobs House, London Rd., Reading, RG61BL, UK

Tel: 0044 (0)118 9635346

Fax: 0044 (0)118 9263888

Email: james.spurgeon at jacobs.com

Web: www.jacobs.com / www.jacobs-babtie.co.uk




Workshop 1:  Economic valuation of coastal ecosystems (technical/"how to"


*         Economic valuation approaches in practice (covering issues like
Total Economic Value, Benefits Transfer, Contingent Valuation etc)

*         Economic impact analysis (expenditures, jobs, etc)

*         Integration of social aspects of value, especially how perceptions
vary between stakeholders

*         Aggregation of values at different scales required by different end

*         Development and need for guidance on economic valuation

*         Improving coverage of global tropical marine ecosystem values

*         Storage and access to information on values etc - e.g. databases
(links with theme 6)


Workshop 2:  Application of economic valuation results (e.g. in ICZM,
planning and policy)


*         Integration of ecosystem values into mapping (e.g. using GIS,
remote sensing etc)

*         Use in spatial planning at site/MPA/local/national levels (EIAs,
zoning, assessing compensation packages and alternative livelihood
requirements for those losing out from proposals/MPAs etc)

*         Use of economic value information in setting national/regional
coastal management, planning and conservation policy priorities (e.g.
integrating values into national accounting, option appraisal using CBA/MCA

*         Use of values in damage assessments, and enforcement of fines
(links with theme 3)

*         Use of economic value info for advocacy, education and awareness
raising (links with theme 9)


Workshop 3:  Economic Incentives 


*         Review of potential economic incentives that could be introduced to
control behaviour/impacts and raise revenues

*         Successes/problems and lessons learned from trying to implement new
economic incentives (e.g. performance bonds, damages legislation, resource
use charges, biodiversity offsets, tradable permits, tradable development
rights etc)


Workshop 4:  Economic valuation for sustainable financing (links with theme


*         Role of valuation in identifying sources of finance for MPA and
coastal management (by identifying who benefits from or impacts resources and
how/to what extent)

*         Use/better understanding of values in designing and implementing
instruments to capture these values (e.g. fees, taxes, fines, permits,
donations etc)


NOTE: Depending on the case studies received, workshops 1 and 2 may be split
between coral/other ecosystems or site level/national & regional levels.
Workshops 3 and 4 may be combined into one, and possibly linked with the
sustainable financing workshops.

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