[Coral-List] Job Posting in PNG (Modified by Sherry Flumerfelt)

Sherry Flumerfelt sflumerfelt at coral.org
Tue Jun 27 22:01:29 EDT 2006

Position:  Volunteer Program Coordinator
This is an exciting opportunity for anyone with an interest in diving, 
travel, and marine conservation.  The successful candidate will travel 
extensively throughout Papua New Guinea, visiting world-renowned coral 
reefs, resorts and liveaboards, and playing a key role in ensuring the 
environmental sustainability of PNG’s tourism industry and economy.

*The hiring will be done through Australian Volunteers International, 
so applicants must have Australian citizenship, or must be a permanent 
resident of Australia, with a valid return visa in their passport of 

The Papua New Guinea Divers' Association (PNGDA), a cooperative 
representing the interests of the dive industry in Papua New Guinea 
(PNG), and the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL), a non-profit coral reef 
conservation organization based out of the United States, are 
partnering on a nationwide Divers Education & Environment Programme 
(DEEP) for PNG. DEEP aims to:
a.	Promote integrated conservation and hospitality education for 
marine-based tourism staff, to ensure an environmentally sustainable 
marine tourism industry;
b.	Liase with Papua New Guinean conservation NGOs (non-government 
organizations) and international donor(s) to partner community marine 
initiatives with appropriate environmental support mechanisms;
c.	Coordinate the continuation of the PNGDA Environmental Mooring 

PNGDA and CORAL are a seeking a full-time volunteer Program Coordinator 
for a two-year contract.  The position is based out of Kimbe, and 
requires extensive travel throughout PNG.  Start date is ideally in 
September 2006.

Main Responsibility
The successful candidate will work closely with the PNGDA Secretariat 
and the CORAL Programme Manager to manage and implement DEEP.  Initial 
responsibilities include:
•	Work closely with local NGOs, educational institutions, and the dive 
industry to design a nationwide sustainable marine tourism training 
programme to increase the number of nationals trained in marine tourism 
and ensure an environmentally-sustainable industry
•	Deliver trainings to tour operators on sustainable marine recreation
•	Manage the continuation of the Environmental Mooring Programme to 
enable the installation of environmental moorings around the country; 
establish an installation and maintenance training programme for 
resorts and liveaboards in PNG
•	Develop and implement fundraising plan for DEEP
•	Serve as CORAL’s primary liaison in PNG, helping define programme 
objectives, and assist with planning, coordination and facilitation of 
CORAL workshops and meetings
•	Promote the objectives of the PNGDA and CORAL by representing the 
interests of both organizations and DEEP to government agencies, NGOs, 
the private sector, donor agencies etc.
•	Provide the PNGDA & CORAL with regular progress reports

Skills & Qualifications
•	Degree in marine biology, environmental studies, or related field
•	Dive Master or Dive Instructor qualification
•	High competency in English, written and oral
•	Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
•	Strong education/public speaking skills
•	Strong coordination and organizational skills
•	Ability to plan and execute meetings, work sessions, and workshops
•	Computer skills including Microsoft Office

The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience in a number 
of areas which may include:
•	Conservation education and awareness projects
•	Preparation of project proposals
•	Informal teaching and/or public speaking
•	Experience with machinery and equipment; background in mooring 
installation and maintenance a plus
•	Cross-cultural/international experience
•	Experience working in tourism a plus

Salary and Benefits
This is a volunteer position to start, with the possibility of becoming 
a salaried position depending upon funding.

The volunteer position will be managed through Australian Volunteers 
International (AVI).  A minimal daily living allowance will be 
provided, as well as accommodations.  AVI will also cover the costs of:
•	medical examination and preparation
•	Pre-Departure Training
•	Flights
•	Comprehensive insurance for the duration of the assignment

For more information on how to apply, contact sflumerfelt at coral.org.  
Serious applicants only please.

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