[Coral-List] New NOAA Curriculum on Remote Sensing and Coral Reefs

Jessica A. Morgan jessica.morgan at noaa.gov
Wed Mar 8 09:33:15 EST 2006

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Coral Reef Conservation Program: Coral Reef Watch

** New Curriculum on Remote Sensing and Coral Reefs Now Available Online **

NOAA is pleased to announce the availability of a new curriculum unit on 
remote sensing and its application to monitoring coral reefs. This set 
of 7 lesson plans was designed for advanced fourth through sixth grade 
students, but is also appropriate for many middle school classrooms. 
Although the curriculum was designed to be taught in sequence, many of 
the lessons can stand alone as individual classroom activities.

Topics include:
* Remote Sensing and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
* Altimetry
* Phytoplankton and Ocean Color
* Introduction to Coral Reefs
* Symbiosis and Coral Anatomy
* Sea Surface Temperature and Coral Bleaching
* Coral Reef Conservation

The unit was first presented at the national Satellites and Education 
Conference in 2004. Now, the curriculum is available for a national 
audience. NOAA Coral Reef Watch has made PDF versions of the lessons and 
associated materials available on its website at 
Users may choose a zipfile of the entire curriculum, or PDFs of 
individual lessons.

For more information:
… on the entire suite of NOAA Coral Reef Watch satellite products, see 
… on the range of NOAA’s formal and informal education offerings related 
to coral reefs, visit the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program Outreach 
and Education page at http://www.coralreef.noaa.gov/outreach/welcome.html.

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