[Coral-List] Out of the Box Ideas & Thinking for Restoring the Reef & Environment

Eric Coral Inquiry ericcoralinquiry at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 22:22:23 EST 2006

With due respect, there is always no harm to think out of the box.

Instead of asking 1)What Can the goverment /general public/scientists and
educators do to prevent the deterioration of coral reefs and our environment

The question we should ask :
1)How can we make conserving and restoring our coral reefs  a 'Cool
2)How can we make recycling and minimization of individual wastes something
really cool?   3)If you look at the motivation books out there, the
definition of success has largely to do with accumulation of wealth and
material gains, not that we should live a destitute life but why not
redefine success as in the quality and the meaningfulness of life itself?
Why not some one write a book redefining success as in the wealth of
experiences one gain and positive influence one shared in life time? I
believe a lot of the you here has had a lot experiences helping out
community projects , why not write a book and share those wonderful
experience so to motivate next generation not to be too
wealth-and-material-centred but to look at success in a more meaningful
4) Star Trek with its cool gadget in the 60's has actually left its mark on
our technology today (small handphone/non-invasive diagnostic tools), why
not do a TV SciFi series with a cast of characters who is
environmental-conscious using cool, environmental friendly gadgets (like
alcohol-fuel car)?
5) Ecology scienctists,architects and engineers work together to build a
"Tropical Rainforest Tower" with more than hundred species of plants and
suitable inhabitant animals, insects housed in one big tower.
6) It is surprising that John Naisbitt book of Megatrend 2000 did not
predict global warming and the growing environmental issues despite the
warning sounded in 1982.  This is perhaps the future trendspotter has, most
of the time out of touch with ecology scientists. In fact, in many countries
- clean waters and clean air is becoming more and more of a necessity and
environmental technology itself is a fast growing industry. However, it is
seldom mentioned in any business news or books given the upmost importance.
Perhaps, scientists related to environmental restoration should take the
initiative and hold conferences meeting up the business leaders, investors,
banking and financial industry,future trendspotter and let them see that
there is money-making oppoturnity future in the area of environmental

7) Marketing, despite how much scientist hates the word, we need to do it.

Feel free to add on any ideas.

My two cents.

Eric YSY

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