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Gregor Hodgson gregorh at reefcheck.org
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Correct as usual. Ignorance is enemy #1. We need to develop a global
constituency. Some Coral Listers may be interested to know how Reef Check is
working hard with Hollywood to rectify the problems you note.

Reef Check and others worked to help ensure the scientific quality and
appropriate messaging of the IMAX film Coral Reef Adventure. We brought the
film to show to government Ministers at the Joberg Summit and that film has
now been seen by 20 million around the world and is still showing. There is
a DVD available for people in countries without an IMAX theatre and producer
MacGillivray Freemen provided many free copies for them.

This past year, Dr. Ruben Torres, Executive Director of RC Dominican
Republic was a co-star of an MTV show called Trippin' focusing on MPAs in
Honduras with Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba shown to 30 million here in the
US alone and now showing overseas. Another MTV show with surf star Kelly
Slater and our Dr. Craig Shuman, was shot last month in Kona.

Working with such productions is a nightmare -- one of the most frustrating
and difficult outreach efforts that we do, but it is the only way to reach
millions at one time, especially kids.

One of our goals is to facilitate a full-length Hollywood feature film
similar to Medicine Man but with a reef theme. The producers are interested
but want to see some scripts.....any budding writers out there??? 

We are working on an A-list "celeb" spokesperson for reefs....

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