[Coral-List] marketing coral and a prettier future earth

andrew ross andyroo_of72 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 10 18:42:33 EST 2006

Coral list,
  There used to be, and likely still is a weekly radio programme in Miami put on by MADO (Miami Area Dive Operators) and local aquatists and interested folk called the Liquid Lounge.
  Ken English is the name of the contact, at: kenenglish at aol.com 
  Admittedly it's largely preaching to the choir, but it is an easy venue to begin to get the message out specific to the Florida and the Keys.
  Busy folks all of you, but this one is an evening phone call interview. Very low investment. (i've done it. No permanent trauma)
  Begin at the beginning. Call it "testing your mass media legs".
  Andrew Ross
  MPhil/PhD candidate
  UWI Mona
  Montego Bay Marine Park

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