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I just want to suggest a couple of practical actions that many of the researchers who use this list could go out and implement within the next few weeks and at a cost of about one day's work.  

Volunteer at your local school.  I know that time can be the most precious resource, but as an educator I can attest to the effectiveness of these.
 pick one of NOAA's lessons on marine science and offer a training for teachers based on the lesson; your insights and experiences as a scientist and researcher can serve as a Delphic resource.
 go to a school with a significant under served population and volunteer to teach one of these lessons.
 identify  biology or earth sciences faculty and offer to be their help desk on issues that fall under your interests.
Also, for researchers: If you are a doing field work, blog about it.  What are you seeing  in the field?  Link your blog to environmental, educational and news sites if possible. 

To return to another idea, I have been toying with the idea of a drama/comedy series based on my experiences managing a research station/field school in Panama.  Anyone got good field stories to share?  How about a collaboration?

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