[Coral-List] Education

Kathryn Hedges Khedges at khwisdom.com
Mon Mar 13 08:15:20 EST 2006

Education is very important.  You would be surprised how many kid, 
parents too, in the Midwest who have no concept of an ocean.  I took a 
couple of kids from Gary In to the science fair in Portland, Oregon a 
couple of years ago and we drove to the Pacific so that they could see 
it, touch it.  They were overwhelmed by the vast expanse of water.  I 
think they expected to see land on the other side. 

The Midwest with all of the agriculture effects the Gulf of Mexico and 
no one knows it.  People just think they need to worry about the local 
rivers (which are also very polluted because of years of industrial 
waste and neglect).  Letting one child learn about a concept and really 
understand can really help a cause because kids will listen to kids.  If 
a kid comes back home telling about an experience others listen and 
learn a lot more than they do from text books and teachers telling about 
a subject. 

This year NOAA offered an award for a project in oceanography.  I think 
it was just a certificate but it was at least something for students to 
look at and may generate some interest in the topic of oceanography in 
the future. 

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