[Coral-List] Paleo Session - 6th European Coral Reef Conference 2006

Thomas Felis tfelis at uni-bremen.de
Mon Mar 13 11:02:12 EST 2006

Dear colleagues,

we would like to invite submission of abstracts for a thematic 
session on

“Paleoenvironment reconstructions, paleontology (Session 1)”

to be held at

The 6th European Coral Reef Conference 2006
European Meeting of the International Society for Reef Studies 
19-22 September 2006
Bremen, Germany

Co-chairs: Thomas Felis, Jens Zinke

Coral reefs provide high-resolution archives of local environmental 
change at specific reef sites as well as large-scale variations in 
ocean-atmosphere dynamics (e.g., the ENSO phenomenon). Recent 
progress in proxy development and analytical techniques has 
enabled reconstructions of temperature, hydrologic balance/salinity, 
circulation, upwelling, terrestrial runoff and pH of the surface ocean 
at subdecadal to subseasonal resolution. Most of these proxy 
records are derived from massive annually-banded scleractinian 
corals, supported by records generated from sclerosponges and 
clams. Such paleoenvironmental records have a great potential to 
bring environmental data from recently established reef monitoring 
programmes and large-scale ocean observing systems into the long-
term context of the last centuries. In addition to living reefs, well-
dated fossil reefs and their paleogeographic distribution provide 
crucial information on paleoclimate and sea-level changes in the 
more distant geological past. Information on the response of reefs to 
past environmental changes under boundary conditions different 
from today provide an important benchmark in successfully 
assessing and predicting the future of coral reefs in a changing 

We expect a stimulating session on all aspects of and latest 
developments in:

*   Environmental records in reef organisms
*   Fossil reefs and corals as archives
*   Paleoclimate and sea-level change
*   Paleogeographic distribution of reefs
*   Reefs in siliciclastic settings

If you are interested in participating in this session, please submit 
your abstract by May 15th at:

Click on 'Registration', go to 'Abstract Submission', and assign your 
abstract to session [1] 
"Paleoenvironment reconstructions, paleontology".

Please also forward copies of the abstract, indicating whether you 
would prefer an oral or poster presentation, to us at:
tfelis at uni-bremen.de
jenszinke at falw.vu.nl

We look forward to your participation.


Thomas Felis and Jens Zinke

Dr Thomas Felis
DFG-Research Center for Ocean Margins
University of Bremen
GEO Building, Klagenfurter Str.
28359 Bremen
e-mail: tfelis at uni-bremen.de
phone: +49-(0)421-218-7769
fax: +49-(0)421-218-65505

Dr Jens Zinke
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
FALW, Dept. Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology
De Boelelaan 1085
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. 0031 20 598 73 27
Fax. 0031 20 598 99 41
email: jenszinke at falw.vu.nl

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