[Coral-List] Discovery Land Project

Michael Risk riskmj at univmail.cis.mcmaster.ca
Wed Mar 15 13:44:33 EST 2006

Hello Todd.

My involvement with the Guana Cay situation has been restricted to the
writing of a short initial report, which was commissioned by the
present inhabitants. I have no involvement at present. Nonetheless, I
want my position on your actions to be crystal-clear to the -list:

I am opposed to the use of Reef Balls or indeed any similar artificial
reef structures in this case. There is no need for them when the reef
is healthy. In fact, if you want to be of real use, try to ensure that
Reef Balls are never needed on Guana.

What would help is what the "eco-friendly" developer has already
rejected. In this case, AND ALL SUCH CASES, there must be the following

1. necessary and sufficient baseline data on fish, invertebrates, and
nutrients. These data must be taken by qualified people, and at a
research-grade level with proper QA/QC protocols.

2. there must be a long-term monitoring program established, carried
out by an arms'-length agency (ie, NOT hired by and reporting to the

3. all data must be distributed freely and archived in several

None of the above conditions have been met. 


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