[Coral-List] Discovery Land Project Questions

Tom Williams ctwiliams at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 15 16:22:52 EST 2006

TO: List

We have had a long  discussion of global thoughts and
now a local action. 

Provide responses to the below questions and I/list
can provide all sorts of measures which can be done to
reduce damages to less than 10% of "total". 

I still have issues with regard to "Reef Ball"
operations, relationships to "Developers", and
relationships between the Not-for-Profit" vs "For
Profit" elements and the use of the expertise of the
Coral List. 

Dr. Tom Williams


Based on -- 
From: "Todd Barber" reefball at reefball.com    
To:  coral-list at aoml.noaa.gov
Date:  Wed, 15 Mar 2006 11:46:31 ¨C0500    
Subject:  [Coral-List] Discovery Land Project

0.  Reef Ball should define all direct and indrect
relationships of the RB organizations and associates,
contributors with the Developer or its associates, or
its consultants. Simple matrix.

Okay everyone, here are the initial

1. CEO responded to me and IS open to discussion.  

1.1 Can we see the CEO response and clearly define


2.1 What sort of ¡°opening¡± See 1.1 ?

2.2 What are the expressed, explicit opportunity - 
See 1.1 ?

2.3 What are the expectations of the CEO ?

2.4 What are the expectations of the Coral List ?

3.  His message was friendly and stated that they are
eco-sensitive developers.

3.1 What is friendly ¨C See 1.1 ?

3.2 What are the elements which supports the
¡°eco-sensitive¡± for this Developer?

3.3 What are the elements which define ¡°eco-sensitive

3.4 What are examples of eco-sensitivity of
¡°developers¡± and this Developer?

4. Come up with a reasonable set of recommendations of

4.1 Define ¡°reasonable¡±

4.2 Define recommendation vs required mitigation

4.3 Define ¡°reasonable¡± budget (best practical, best
available, maximum achievable¡± ??

5. how they could proceed with the development while
protecting the reef?

5.1 Need project environmental review, assessment,
statement, report???

5.2 Define ¡°protection measures¡±??

6.  DeeVon Quirolo said this may not be possible 

6.1 Please reference and document? 

6.2 Why not possible, not practical (not profitable) 

7.  as the Development is too large for the Island.

7.1 Define too large for island

7.2 See Item 4.3

8. If the development HAS to proceed what could the
developer do 

See Item 4 and others above.

9.  Make it more reef friendly.  (i.e. what would you
do if you had to build it)?

9.1 See above

9.2 This can be done; can they afford it?

10. Take a practical view here...minimizing reef

See above

10.1  How small is ¡°minimum¡±

10.2  Why not 
Best Practical Mitigation
Best Available Mitigation
Maximum Achievable Mitigation
Least Profitable (30%, 20, 10, 8% IRR)

11. may be better than total reef loss 

11.1 Define Minimum damage vs Total damage (=loss)

12.  even though total reef protection may be desired
but not possible.

The usual extreme arguments - 
Total Loss 	vs 	Total Protection 
Maximum Profit	vs	Minimum Profit

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