[Coral-List] Guana Cay Islanders and the Big Picture

Tom Williams ctwiliams at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 16 18:00:35 EST 2006

From: Dr. Tom Williams

I have been gathering other information, below.

Kathleen Sullivan Sealey, 
University of Miami professor
Dean of science and technology at the College of the

Specialist in coral reef fish, 

Wrote the Baker's Bay environmental assessment, 
doubts that the consequences will be so severe.

Team monitoring Bahamas coastline via satellite for
four years 
 with Earthwatch volunteers, plans to keep a close
eye on near-shore corals 
 as an early warning system of any dangerous levels
of pollution on the reef. 
 "an experiment in sustainability for small island

James Risk, a marine biologist hired by the islanders 
more than 40 years of experience monitoring coral

After looking over project's environmental impact
assessment   "the result would be the death of the
reef within three years."

James Cervino, a specialist in reef biology
teaches at Columbia and Pace universities. 
Coral reefs thrive in nutrient-starved ecosystems

Marshall   chief environmental adviser to the prime
Hired away to oversee environmental and community
relations for Discovery Land.

Well respected in his field in Bahamas he stated, 
"I am not a coral reef expert nor do I claim to be
one. I am a Fisheries Ecologist. I can either
collaborate with coral reef ecologist to produce
scientific conclusions or I can cause such 
science/scientist to be funded to produce
scientific-based recommendations and or BEST [emphasis
added] management practices."

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