[Coral-List] Few Facts for Guana Cay Islanders

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Compare the following statements -

Remember that

Environmental Management Team:
Dr Kathleen Sullivan Sealey - principal investigator,
University of Miami
Nicolle Cushion - environmental coordinator, UoM
Kate Semen - project biologist, UoM
Cloe Waterfield - project biologist, UoM
Keith Bradley - botanist, Institute for Regional

Development Team:
Steve Adelson - partner/development
Ed Divita - partner/engineering
Don Vita - partner/landscape design
Doug Shipman - vice president, development/project

Dr Livingston Marshall - senior vp, environmental &
community affairs

Make your own conclusions regarding Dr. LM

"A Case Study In Sustainable Development ¨C The
Baker¡¯s Bay Golf and Ocean Club,"   Presentation at
Rotary Club of New Providence, reported in The Bahama
Journal, National News, 06/13/2005

Dr. Livingston Marshall, Senior Vice-President of the
Environment & Community Affairs who is one of, if not
the only, Bahamian to hold a Bachelor¡¯s degree and
Ph.D. in Marine Science

Discovery Land Company 7-point plan to implement on
Baker¡¯s Bay is clear demonstration of the company¡¯s
commitment to the principle of sustainable
1.cleanup of contaminants on the 90-acre former
Premier Cruise line site, formally known as Treasure
Island, which is currently underway; 
2.restoration of natural sand dune systems and native
vegetation in coastal buffer zones of the Treasure
Island complex; 
3.  removal and management of invasive plants, such as
the Australian Pine and Hawaiian Inkberry along the
coastal zone of the entire project site. 
4.  Restoration and management of wetlands adjacent to
the marina area;
5.  Management of wildlife habitats, including turtle
nesting beaches, white crown pigeon foraging areas,
and neo-tropical migratory bird habitats; 
6.  Dissemination of the project status and
documentation of impacts through 
7.  Project website and the creation of an independent
foundation for the management of preserved areas,
environmental outreach education and ongoing site

Dr. Marshall said, "As a Bahamian, I am extremely
pleased to be professionally associated with the
Discovery Land Company and join the dozens of other
Bahamians, recently and soon to be, employed on the

Dr. Marshall stated that Baker¡¯s Bay Golf & Ocean
Club is:
¡¤ "a unique" development it is a dynamic, industry
leading, environmentally friendly and economically
rewarding opportunity for The Bahamas that 
¡¤ will inject millions of dollars into the Bahamian
economy during the construction phase and long after
the property becomes fully operational. 

B.  From coral Lister

Marshall is well respected in his field in the

In an email to several including Mike Risk, he stated,
"I am not a coral reef expert nor do I claim to be
one. I am a Fisheries Ecologist. I can either
collaborate with coral reef ecologist to produce
scientific conclusions or I can cause such 
science/scientist to be funded to produce
scientific-based recommendations and or best
management practices."

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