[Coral-List] Guana Cay - reality kicks in

Leslie Whaylen lesliewhaylen at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 17 11:10:40 EST 2006

I have been avidly reading the postings these last few weeks.  Based upon Angie Bancalari-Schmidlapp's posting, I visited Discovery's website on the Baker's Bay development on Guana Cay. http://www.discoverylandco.com/project_bakersbay.html  The top picture is an aerial photo of the island and it is quite an attractive one.  The next link she recommended was to the developer's illustrative plan http://www.discoverylandco.com/images/bakersbay/illustrative_plan.pdf.  I was absolutely horrified.  Almost every morsel of land will be uprooted, dredged, cemented, or filled. 
  Where will those 170 residents go?  Will they, like some islanders in the South Pacific, be 're-located' or will they be shunted to the tiny piece of undeveloped land on the corner of their island that is touted by Discovery as an area for "For Preservation and Study".
  I was compelled to write a letter and will spend the $10.92 for postage today to mail my letter to the 9 Bahamian addresses listed on www.saveguanacayreef.com.  
  In the midst of all these recent postings (i.e. to drive or not to drive a SUV), I am mightily reminded today that one can choose to take action, even if viewed as infinitesimally small.  My personal choices and decisions are what I can control and demonstrate to others.  May it catch on like the wildfires in the state from which I write this email.
  Leslie Whaylen
  inland, Texas

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