[Coral-List] Cays & Corals

Raisha Lovindeer raisha.lovindeer at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 13:04:22 EST 2006

Hey All

I am usually a silent reader, as so many others have already posted my
opinions, I just sit and do my fair sheer of 'here here's. However
within the recent debates, something was brought up that I have not
seen anyone address and I just have to get my two cents in.

Tom, you wrote:

"I once told a developer that he could get his permit
if he put into bank guarantee - $1M for use by the
environ. agency - he chose to await agency

So let's give the Developer a proposal and see where
he goes."

So then I ask... if the Developer could in fact pay that 1M, would it
then be ok?

This points to something that gets my blood boiling everytime (Not at
you Tom, at the issue). The thought that we (not necessarily the
scientific community, as unfortunately it usually falls out of our
hands) would allow people with money to buy their way into doing
things that will cause damage to ecosystems that in my mind are
priceless. I've seen it done countless times. The rich get away with
murder because they can afford it, and the poor ones (usually the/us
locals) have to just, what we call in Jamaica... 'suck it up'.

For that reason alone, I disagree with your giving them a proposal to
see what they do with it. It just might backfire on you.

Raisha Lovindeer

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