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Just the Facts and current status

INVEST BAHAMAS  (www.investbahamas.org)
News Briefing ¨C Wednesday, February 8th, 2006 

BEST Still Awaiting ¡®Revised¡¯ Environment Plan for
Guana Cay 

The developers behind the $175 million Baker¡¯s Bay
Golf & Ocean Club development on Great Guana Cay began
work on their project with supplying the Government
with a ¡°revised¡± Environmental Management Plan

An affidavit filed with the Supreme Court on January
30 by Donald Cooper, who manages the Bahamas Science,
Environment and technology (BEST) Commission,
acknowledged that San Francisco-based Discovery Land
Company had ¡°satisfied most of its concerns¡± with
regard to the 585-acre project. 

But he added: ¡°However, the BEST Commission still
awaits receipt of a final design for the proposed golf
course that would minimize or eliminate any ecological
risk associated with current design, and a revised
The Tribune Business Section Pg.1B 


The referenced current EIA and EMP is available - 
Passerine at Abaco EIA (bakers_bay_EIA.pdf).

The EIA does not adequately or hardly at all deal with
the coastal-intertidal and subtidal (corals, etc.)

The EMP deals with education, monitoring, and
reporting (the softs); not on protection, enforcement,
mitigation, and compensation for marine effects (which
I believe would generally be considered as significant
and thereby require physical mitigation).

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