[Coral-List] Corals don't Clog, Discovery Inc. will clog them?

James M. Cervino cnidaria at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 18 07:50:15 EST 2006

Dear Pete,

I don't think bringing attention to a development project that will 
kill 200 year old corals in the Bahamas can be constituted as 
"clogging up this list". Do you realize that the Bahamas Govt is 
about to approve such an action? We were  using Guana as a study site 
to monitor corals that are infected with very low indices of coraline 
diseases. We coral scientists need to have old colonies to monitor 
over time during this current time, and if this development project 
takes place with the help of these so called "experts" the developer 
is paying we will loose this study site.  I was actually happy to see 
that this reef, if the levels of nutrients were to be controlled, can 
be a great study site for many scientists and divers to use as an 
educational tool so close to US coastal cities. 

Erik Gauger has told me that this thread may actually help save the 
corals of Guana.  We appreciate Jim Hendee's efforts for having this 
open platform and are looking forward to hearing about your 
"interesting data" from the Philippines!


Dear all,

I've just rejoined the List and am starting to regret having done so: my
emails having been immediately swamped today by "The Great Guana Cay Debate"
etc etc,....

Much of what I have read and been party to on this issue (in just the past
12 hrs since I rejoined)  seems somewhat polarised and extremely focussed (I
choose my words very carefully here!).  At best, my view is just skewed
because of my recent rejoining. At worst, some would say that coral-list has
been hijacked. I shall remain on the List for a few days more in the hope
that my initial concerns are unfounded.

Important as the Guana issue is (and it is), perhaps it's now time for those
wishing to pursue it so passionately (and you have all made us all now know
very load and clear who you are) to do so amongst yourselves, move off to
another dedicated communication channel amongst yourselves, and not clog-up
the open channel that coral-list was established for.

So, having said all that: anyone out there want info on the status of coral
reefs in Southern Leyte (Philippines)? Some really interesting data coming
out of there, if you are interested.


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