[Coral-List] Corals don't Clog, Discovery Inc. will clog them?

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Sat Mar 18 10:39:33 EST 2006

In a message dated 3/18/06 8:05:27 AM, cnidaria at earthlink.net writes:

> Dear Pete,
> I don't think bringing attention to a development project that will
> kill 200 year old corals in the Bahamas can be constituted as
> "clogging up this list". Do you realize that the Bahamas Govt is
> about to approve such an action? We were  using Guana as a study site
> to monitor corals that are infected with very low indices of coraline
> diseases. We coral scientists need to have old colonies to monitor
> over time during this current time, and if this development project
> takes place with the help of these so called "experts" the developer
> is paying we will loose this study site.  I was actually happy to see
> that this reef, if the levels of nutrients were to be controlled, can
> be a great study site for many scientists and divers to use as an
> educational tool so close to US coastal cities.
> Erik Gauger has told me that this thread may actually help save the
> corals of Guana.  We appreciate Jim Hendee's efforts for having this
> open platform and are looking forward to hearing about your
> "interesting data" from the Philippines!
> James

Isn't it telling that some here view the Guana Cay discussion as "clogging up 
the list"? I can't imagine of a better illustration of an attitude that's 
keeping us from making real progress in reef conservation.

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