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Dear Dan:

The Caribbean spiny lobster usually has two peaks in reproduction 
(egg-bearing), a major one in the spring followed by a minor one in 
the early fall (August-September). The minor one in the fall is 
likely one that is comprised of newly matured young lobsters that 
have molted in the spring and early summer, mated later, and then 
produced eggs in the fall. The larger, older females typically 
reproduce earlier in the year and then possibly a second time in the 
early fall. The point of this is that allowing trapping in the fall 
would prevent some of the youngest mature lobsters from reproducing, 
and these individuals would therefore never have reproduced. In 
addition, it would wipe out the characteristic secondary peak in reproduction.

I hope this helps, and if you wish I can provide references from some 
of my work and that of other lobster scientists.

Rom Lipcius

At 11:09 AM 3/18/2006, Dan Clark wrote:
>Question to Spiny Lobster Experts
>   The State of Florida is considering a request by the spiny 
> lobster trap industry to shorten the time that lobster season is 
> closed for breeding.  Commercial harvest is  usually closed from 
> April 1 - Aug. 5.
>   We have been diving here for decades and it has been our 
> experience that we see a large number of egg bearing females during 
> the month of August, the beginning of normal lobster 
> season.  Although Florida law prohibits the harvest of egg bearing 
> females, we have to question what impact the deployment of many 
> thousands of traps 3 weeks earlier then the normal August 1 date 
> will have upon the breeding population and egg bearing females. 
> Could this have a cascading effect on future lobster stocks?
>   If their are any spiny lobster experts out there can we hear from you.
>   Review and discussion of a request from the spiny lobster trap 
> industry to move the date of trap deployment from August 1, 2006 to 
> July 10, 2006, and to move the beginning date for this year's 
> commercial harvest of spiny lobster by traps from August 6, 2006 to 
> July 15, 2006.  See http://myfwc.com/commission/2006/April/index.html
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