[Coral-List] Unclog email account by moving coal-list to a forum/bulletin board?

capman at augsburg.edu capman at augsburg.edu
Mon Mar 20 16:54:19 EST 2006

I don't know the logistics of doing this, but I think this sounds 
like an excellent idea.  This would surely facilitate and foster more 
discussion (without intruding into people's e-mail Inboxes), and it 
seems this could only be a good thing.  Discussions could be 
developed further in a public venue where we could all benefit from 
them, and answers to questions could be posted for all to see 
(currently, the only person who usually sees the responses to 
questions that are asked is the person who asked the question). There 
could even be sub-forums for special topics....e.g. bleaching events, 
conservation crises, research methodology, or whatever seemed 
appropriate.  Such discussion forums can function very well if 
moderated properly.

If a forum like this was successful, it would probably have a bit 
more traffic than the current Coral List.  Hence the job of the 
moderator might be bigger.  However, it seems that such forums rarely 
have just one moderator, and, as Jeff mentions, the moderators can be 
located anywhere.

One thing I would suggest though, if the coral list were to go this 
route, is to be sure that the forum/bulletin board interface be 
somewhat minimalist and simple...no unnecessary graphics, for 
example.  Otherwise, it might be difficult for folks in remote 
locations with slow Internet access to view the forum web pages.


>Hi everyone,
>   I wonder if the list should be moved to a more structured forum / 
>bulletin board?
>   That way, people can pick and choose whihc topics are of interest 
>to them, administrators can be assigned regardless of location etc.
>   Any thoughts on this?
>   Cheers, Jeff

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