[Coral-List] Seeking reef toxicology positions

D. Wade Lehmann dwlehman at ncsu.edu
Tue Mar 21 08:41:56 EST 2006

Dear Coral Listers,

Since the debate over allowing/disallowing searchees to post seems to have
settled on the allow side of the equation for now, I thought I’d get my
shameless advertisement out.

I have recently received my PhD in Environmental Toxicology and am
searching for employment.  I want to break more into the field of coral
reef research, specifically as it relates to the impact of toxics on
corals (individuals or communities).  And I need your help to find
individuals doing this type of research and work.

My background training includes biomarker analysis, analytical methods
(GC, HPLC), flow cytometry, and coral propagation among other skills.  I
am PADI advanced open water certified.

My specific interests lie in the determination of toxic concentrations of
anthropogenic contaminants, detection of toxins, genetic stress responses
of corals, detection of human impact (ie- caffeine/estradiol), and
fate/transport of chemicals into reef environments.

If you know of any post-doc or full time positions in these areas, please
don’t hesitate to pass along word.

Many thanks!
Wade Lehmann

dwlehman at ncsu.edu
CV link: http://www.earthandh2o.com/misc/Lehmann%20Curriculum%20Vitae.pdf

D. Wade Lehmann
Dept Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
PHP Department, College of Vet Medicine
4700 Hillsborough St, CVM Research Bldg
Raleigh, NC 27606
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919-515-4237 (fax)
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