[Coral-List] Numerical Coral Model

Whit Anderson whit.anderson at noaa.gov
Tue Mar 21 10:37:33 EST 2006

Good day,

I am involved in the  implementing and testing of the ocean  
biogeochemical (OBGC) component (developed by John Dunne of GFDL) for  
one of our climate general circulation models. There are no plans  
(yet) to include a coral model in this system. I will be putting a  
LONG list of tracers into the ocean model to appease the OBGC  
component. This leads to my question; What would a coral model need  
(ie tracers and fluxes)? What kind of timescales are the relevant  
processes? My guess is that most of what is needed will be present in  
the system. This post is mostly just to satisfy my curiosity. Again,  
there are no plans to build and couple a coral model. But just in  



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