[Coral-List] Looking for an article

Kelly Logan klogan at nova.edu
Tue Mar 21 12:40:33 EST 2006

I was wondering if anyone has access to a journal article entitled 
"TBT: An Environmental Dilemma"  by ED Goldberg.  It was published in 
Environment ENTVAR Vol 28, No 8, pp 17-20 and 42-44 in October 1986.  I 
have searched various libraries and databases and have even tried 
e-mailing the author directly, but to no avail.  I need a full text or 
pdf version of this article for a research project.  If anyone has 
access to it and could forward it along I would greatly appreciate it.  
Kelly Logan
Graduate Student
LBSOP Research Assistant
NOVA Southeastern University
Oceanographic Center
8000 N Ocean Dr.
Dania Beach, FL

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