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March 02, 2006, 11:59:22 PM

Title: Gore to launch anti-global warming ad campaign


(AdWeek) - Former vice president Al Gore launched his keynote address at the
American Association of Advertising Agencies' Media Conference here this
morning by promising not to do a commercial for his new cable network,
Current TV.

And he didn't.

Instead, he urged the media industry to contribute airtime to an upcoming
public service campaign alerting consumers to the dangers of global warming.
Gore spent most of his 20-minute presentation detailing the heavy toll that
global warming is taking on the earth's ecosystem.

He said that a new coalition, to be announced soon, comprised of
environmental, labor, religious and other groups would be raising money to
make "major ad buys over the next three years" to address global warming.

Gore then asked the media industry to step up with a "dollar for dollar"
matching contribution for that campaign. Gore said he was contributing the
proceeds from a book and a documentary on the subject (both to be released
later this year) to the coalition.

"The climate crisis is the most serious challenge our civilization has ever
faced," he said.


Title: Re: Gore to launch anti-global warming ad campaign
Post by: Janet on March 03, 2006, 12:42:01 AM

Forgive the source and it's snarkiness, but it has a few more details...



March 3, 2006 -- ORLANDO - Former Vice President and wannabe media mogul Al
Gore is hitting up Madison Avenue for help on a major ad blitz aimed at
fighting global warming.

Speaking to a room of advertising and media executives, Gore announced
yesterday that a coalition of environmental, labor and religious groups will
launch a three-year campaign to warn the U.S. public about the "climate

"Mother nature is knocking on our door," said Gore, who delivered the
keynote speech at an annual media gathering.

Since losing his White House bid in that same state, Gore has been trying to
reinvent himself as a media mogul and the chairman of Current TV, a network
he launched to target the under-30 crowd.

As part of his pitch to Madison Avenue, Gore called on the industry to
publicize the dangers of global warming and he challenged it to match the
forthcoming campaign "dollar for dollar."

He said the members of the coalition, which would be revealed next month,
would be making "significant ad buys" in each of the next three years,
although he didn't provide a dollar amount.

Gore, who also championed environmental issues when he was in office,
portrayed global warming as a dire threat that was already wreaking havoc on
a global scale.

Armed with slides and statistics, he argued that increasing levels of carbon
monoxide are raising the planet's temperature, causing glaciers and the
polar ice caps to melt.

He blamed the trend for record high temperatures and a growing number of
violent storms - notably, the devastation Katrina wrought on New Orleans.

Title: Re: Gore to launch anti-global warming ad campaign
Post by: Janet on March 04, 2006, 01:29:43 AM

Gore To Media Conference: Help Save Our Planet, Help Us Plan It


by Joe Mandese, Friday, Mar 3, 2006 8:00 AM EST
ORLANDO - MADISON AVENUE HAS been called upon to launch new products,
resuscitate ailing brands, turn corporations around, and even elect our
nation's leaders. On Wednesday, one of those former leaders, Al Gore,
beseeched a roomful of media buyers and planners to help with what
undoubtedly is their greatest cause ever: saving our planet. During a
keynote at the American Association of Advertising Agencies Media Conference
and Trade Show here, the former vice president unveiled plans for a massive
advertising collaborative of leading environmental and faith-based
organizations to combat global warming, and asked the agency executives to
match it "dollar for dollar" with pro bono contributions. "It is the most
serious challenge that our civilization will experience," said Gore, cuing
up a ten-minute video presentation showing the ravages of global warming on
planet earth.
Gore said the collaborative would kick off with public service ads from the
Advertising Council in three weeks, which would be followed by a "large ad
buy" breaking in mid-April.

Gore, who ironically declined to speak with reporters at the conference
following his presentation, implied the news media wasn't doing a good
enough job of getting the message of global warming out to the American
public, and that it was Madison Avenue's job to make up the gap.

"We have to get this complicated information out to the American people. The
news media simply does not work the way it used to. You know that better
than any other industry," said Gore, adding that he and his wife, Tipper
Gore, have pledged all the proceeds from two related media projects--a movie
he is producing with Paramount Pictures, and a book being published by
Rodale Press-- to the collaborative, to help pay for what he described as a
"major advertising purchase over the next three years--a very significant

"Mother Nature is knocking on our door," he said, emphasizing the gravity of
the situation, and the need for the ad industry's support.

On a seemingly more prosaic note, Gore, who is also chairman of current
affairs cable channel Current TV, said he has enjoyed becoming an "adjunct"
member of the advertising and media community, and that he sympathized with
the challenges faced by advertisers and media planners and buyers during "a
period of unprecedented change for your industry."

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