[Coral-List] 6th European ISRS Meeting in Bremen - Session 6

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Tue Mar 28 12:02:21 EST 2006

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Subject: 6th European ISRS Meeting in Bremen - Session 6
From: "ISRS_Monaco Team" <isrs_monacoteam at centrescientifique.mc>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 16:38:58 +0100
To: <coral-list-request at coral.aoml.noaa.gov>

Call for papers: Bremen ISRS meeting

We would like to invite submission of abstracts for a thematic session
on « Key taxa and processes » to be held at the 6th European ISRS
Meeting in Bremen in September 2006.
Key themes to be considered in this session will be:

(1)   processes of photosynthesis and calcification: from the gene to
the ecosystem
(2)   heterotrophy, coral feeding
(3)   gene flow/coral genomics

If you are interested in participating in this session, please submit
your abstract by May15th at:


Click on 'Registration', go to 'Abstract Submission', and assign your
abstract to session [6] "Key taxa and processes".

Please also forward copies of the abstract, indicating whether you would
prefer an oral or poster presentation, to us at:

isrs_monacoteam at centrescientifique.mc

We look forward to your participation.

Best Regards

Sylvie Tambutté & Christine Pagès
Centre Scientifique de Monaco
Avenue Saint Martin
MC 98000 Monaco

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