[Coral-List] Zooxanthellae Podcast

Jake coralite at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 10:31:55 EST 2006

Dear Listers,

My name is Jake Adams and I am a marine science senior at the University of
Soutch Carolina. I want to inform you of a podcast that I have recently
produced which is specifically about coral zooxanthellae. The program is
divided into two parts. The first part (~10 min) introduces the basic
characteristics of what zooxanthellae is and how it interacts with its coral
host. The second part (~20min) is an interview with Dr. Daniel Thornhill in
which we discuss about a dozen recent zooxanthellae related topics. Although
I am sure many of you are familiar with the material, the podcast is at an
intermediate level of scientific jargon and it is my hope that it will be of
particular usefulness to junior scientists and upper level education
outreach. The podcast can be downloaded at
There is also a supporting webpage which includes a transcription of part 1.

The content is under a creative commons license and anyone is free to
distribute the content for non-commercial purposes, without modification and
with attribution of the author (Jake Adams). I would just ask that you make
an effort to host the file on your own webspace if you plan to make a large
distribution as the current server is often maxed out.
I aim to produce a couple more episodes with content garnered from the
upcoming symbiofest meeting (wink-wink to those of you who plan to attend),
and I would greatly appreciate any input into making the program as useful
as possible.

Jake Adams

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