[Coral-List] meeting session: Carbonate Beaches and Coral Reefs

Curt Storlazzi cstorlazzi at usgs.gov
Thu Mar 30 14:08:42 EST 2006

Dear colleagues:

We would like to draw your attention to a meeting session on:

Carbonate Beaches and Coral Reefs

at the Sixth International Symposium on Coastal Engineering and 
Science of Coastal Sediment Processes - Coastal Sediments 07 - to be 
held 13-20 May, 2007, in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Please visit the 
conference web site for more information: 

Thematic Session Description:
Carbonate sand beaches and coral reefs are major features along 
low-latitude coasts.  They differ, however, from most sedimentary 
coastlines due to their complex bathymetry, hydrodynamic roughness 
and heterogeneous sedimentary properties (densities, shapes, etc). 
The goal of this session is to foster a comprehensive, 
multi-disciplinary exchange of new information and insights on 
physical processes, sediment transport and morphologic change along 
carbonate beaches and over coral reefs.  Following the conference's 
overall theme of science over a range of scales, we welcome papers 
ranging from grain-scale interactions and flow through individual 
coral heads up to the vulnerability of carbonate beaches and reefs to 
future climatic forcing.  Papers describing modeling efforts, 
quantitative prediction and observational studies establishing links 
between environmental change and coastal response, as well as storm 
effects, are especially encouraged.

Lisa Robbins, U.S. Geological Survey, Center for Coastal and 
Watershed Studies, St. Petersburg, FL
(lrobbins at usgs.gov, 727-803-8747 x 3002)
Curt Storlazzi, U.S. Geological Survey, Pacific Science Center, Santa Cruz, CA
(cstorlazzi at usgs.gov, 831-427-4721)

Abstract Submittal Deadline:
May 16, 2006

Abstract Submission Procedure:
Prospective authors are encouraged to discuss their abstract 
submission with the moderators in advance of abstract deadline and 
send copy of the abstract to the moderators when finally submitted to 
the CS07 web site (http://www.asce.org/conferences/cs07/abstract.cfm).

If you know of anyone who might be interested but did not receive 
this notice, please feel free to pass it on.  We are excited about 
this session and look forward to your participation in New Orleans!

Lisa and Curt


Curt Storlazzi, Ph.D.
Research Oceanographer
U.S. Geological Survey
Pacific Science Center
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