[Coral-List] Workshop Invitation: Underwater Passive Acoustic Monitoring for Remote Regions

Melissa Bos mbos at hawaii.edu
Wed Nov 1 19:44:23 EST 2006

Underwater Passive Acoustic Monitoring for Remote Regions: An ACT Workshop,
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, February 7-9, 2007


Underwater passive acoustic monitoring uses hydrophones to listen for sound
in aquatic environments. Boats, fish, whales and shrimp all make
characteristic sounds that can be routinely detected. Hawaii and Alaska
Partners of the Alliance for Coastal Technologies are hosting a two and a
half-day workshop on underwater passive acoustic monitoring for remote
regions. The workshop is designed to discuss the development, deployment,
and integration into management programs of passive acoustic recorders for
vessel surveillance and biological assessment of remote areas. Workshop
participants will be a combination of researchers, resource managers, and
technology developers.  


ACT is a NOAA-funded partnership of research institutions, resource
managers, and private sector companies dedicated to fostering the
development and adoption of effective and reliable sensors and platforms.
ACT is committed to providing the information required to select the most
appropriate tools for studying and monitoring coastal environments.
Priorities include transitioning emerging technologies to operational use
rapidly and effectively; maintaining a dialogue among technology users,
developers, and providers; identifying technology needs and novel
technologies; documenting technology performance and potential; and
providing the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) with information
required for the deployment of reliable and cost-effective networks.


The workshop agenda is designed to encourage open dialogue between industry
representatives and managers. The workshop will be located at the Hawaii
Institute of Marine Biology on Coconut Island, Oahu, Hawaii. The workshop
will begin on Wednesday, February 7, 2007, with an evening reception and
dinner. A combination of plenary sessions and sector breakout groups on
Thursday, February 8, will explore available and emerging tools, technology
development needs, management needs, and challenges of integration into
management programs. A half-day session on Friday, February 9, will conclude
with a plenary on next steps and action items. 


With this letter we are soliciting participants from university research
groups, government agencies, and private enterprise; the workshop will be
limited to about 30 people. Participants will be requested to attend the
entire meeting with the understanding that the basic expenses (airfare,
airport transportation, accommodation, and meals) will be provided by the


If you are interested in participating, please contact Melissa Bos as soon
as possible to reserve a space (mbos at hawaii.edu). For additional details on
ACT, please explore www.act-us.info <http://www.act-us.info/> .



Melissa Bos

Hawaii-Pacific Coordinator, Alliance for Coastal Technologies

Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology


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