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Re: [Coral-List] CO2 and the inconvenient truth
Thomas Goreau <goreau at bestweb.net>
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"Jansen Anderman-Hahn" <jandermanhahn at vermontlaw.edu>
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Dear Jansen,

Since a reef is simply a rock that you can run a ship aground on, it
does not matter if it is dead or alive. So the irony is that we have
lost NONE of our reefs (at least until  global sea level rise and
bio-erosion accelerates to float all grounded vessels) even though we
have already lost MOST of our corals. 

We have indeed found strong regional patterns in warming rates, with
some areas much more affected than average, and a few lucky ones much
less affected. This is not a matter of distance from shore or the global
conveyer belt as much as changes in surface currents and upwelling. Ray
Hayes and I have published some papers on this, a few that have been
banned from publication by malign reviewers, and have much more in

Best wishes,

On Nov 1, 2006, at 1:56 PM, Jansen Anderman-Hahn wrote:

Thank you for your response Tom.  Interesting that there should be a
dichotomy between "reefs" and "corals", the term "reef" is such a loose

In your research, have you identified any areas that will not be
affected by global warming?  He seemed to suggest that Hawaii would be
less affected because it was not near shore... does a changing of the
global "conveyor belt" (as Gore puts it) have the biggest effect on
coral mortality?  



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