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Thomas Goreau goreau at bestweb.net
Fri Nov 3 12:03:39 EST 2006

Dear Paul,

I'm sorry, I had missed your last comment below:

They would never invite me to their meetings. I was sent to the first  
ITMEMS meeting by IUCN to show the global temperature database  
records in 1998, during the height of  coral mortality. The ITMEMS  
organizers would absolutely NOT permit to me to speak at the  
meeting.  They finally grudgingly arranged a secret closed meeting on  
the other side of town for me to show the data to 10 hand picked  
invited people, almost all Australians, but would not let any of the  
managers see the data. Wilkinson then declared that bleaching was not  
that bad, that no one knew why it was happening, but that nobody  
should worry because it was only affecting a few places and there was  
so much healthy resilient reef out there. The Minister of  
Environment, Robert Hill, declared in Parliament in Canberra that  
there was absolutely no evidence to link bleaching to global warming.  
Afterwards all of the people at IUCN who arranged for me to attend  
lost their jobs for doing so.

Please take a look at the lovely corals we are growing in Sint  
Maarten when you next go there. The best thing we can do is to grow  
corals much faster and much more resistant to environmental stress,  
which only our method does. I hope we can do so throughout the  
Netherlands Antilles as we are doing in Sint Maarten.

Best wishes,

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>    Dear Tom, James,

>  . It's a shame you could not be at this forum
>    uniting  protected area managers from around the world to  
> present your
>    views there in order to generate some healthy discussion.
>    Best,
>    Paul Hoetjes

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