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Dr. James M Cervino cnidaria at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 6 12:02:18 EST 2006

Dear Simon & Al,

Can this be for real! Are you saying that the worlds largest super 
power should not drastically cut CO2 emissions on the coral list 
server? Knowing that these are climatically sensitive organisms are 
we not obligated to try and protect them from their number one 
physiological threat which are heat trapping gasses?  It is we as a 
country that are producing and using these heat trappers in an 
irresponsible manner and until we have an administration in place 
that understands the sensitivity of corals and other marine primary 
producers these organisms will not have a chance.

Reef managers guide!! What will you manage? There is not going to be 
anything left to manage as these temperature sensitive organisms will 
be gone for sure due to heat stroke and disease.  The term should be 
changed to "Algal Ecosystems Managers Guide"

I can see the current administration loving that statement " coral 
reef scientists say not to cut greenhouse gasses" and that "corals 
will survive heat stroke if we stop building golf courses on small 
islands in the Bahamas "


>My colleagues and I have been examining point (ii) using climate models. The
>implication is that some damage to coral reefs may be inevitable at this
>point. Therefore, to ensure coral reefs withstand climate change, we should
>not cut greenhouse gas emissions, we should do our absolute best to reduce
>the other stressors (that are still under our control). That's how the Guide
>can help

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