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Brendan Godley Godley-ESR at seaturtle.org
Tue Nov 7 16:28:11 EST 2006

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It gives me great pleasure to announce the publication of the following paper in the new and growing  peer-reviewed conservation journal Endangered Species Research (ESR). It can be downloaded free of charge at the journals website at:  http://www.int-res.com/journals/esr/esr-home/


Blumenthal JM, Solomon JL, Bell CD, Austin TJ, Ebanks-Petrie G, Coyne MS, Broderick AC, Godley BJ 

Number 7: Satellite tracking highlights the need for international cooperation in marine turtle management 


The paper outlines the migratory routes and foraging grounds for Caribbean green and loggerhead turtles nesting in greatly reduced rookeries in the Cayman Islands. It highlights the potential past ecological footprint of the turtles of the Cayman Islands and the international co-operation that will be needed for the future conservation. Although directed take and bycatch are demonstrated concerns in the region, the paper highlights the lack of data as to the magnitude of these threats in the region.


This follows others recent papers:

Hemming JM, Winger PV, Herrington SJ, Gierhart W, Herod H, Ziewitz J 

Number 6: Water and sediment quality at mussel (Unionidae) habitats in the Ochlockonee River of Florida and Georgia 


Wood KR 

Number 5: Conservation status of the Hawaiian endemic fern Diplazium molokaiense (Athyriaceae) in Honomanu, East Maui, Hawai'i 



All material can be downloaded free of charge at the journal archive:



We are a relatively new journal but growing very fast with 30 original articles under review/production including manuscripts on plants, invertebrates, mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. We welcome submissions on all taxa, ecosystems and processes of conservation concern in the terrestrial, freshwater and marine realm. Subscriptions should be via the Managing Editor Penny Khun at esr-submissions at int-res.com.


If you would like to receive additional updates about contents to ESR you can subscribe to e-mail updates by sending a message to: esr-contents-subscribe at int-res.com containing the text "SUBSCRIBE esr-content"


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Dr. Brendan J. Godley
Centre for Ecology & Conservation
University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus

Editor-in-Chief, Endangered Species Research
Marine Turtle Research Group
School of Biosicences
Centre for Ecology and Conservation

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