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Galaxea, Journal of the Japanese Coral Reef Society

Table of Contents
Galaxea, Journal of the Japanese Coral Reef Society
Volume 8, No. 1 (June 2006) 

-Original Papers

Bhagooli R, Hidaka M
Thermal inhibition and recovery of the maximum quantum yield of 
photosystem II and the maximum electron transport rate in zooxanthellae of 
a reef-building coral
Galaxea, JCRS (2006) 8: 1-12.

Kombo MM, Bakari S, Shinjo R, Tokuyama A
Chemical impact of the acidic red soil on seawater
Galaxea, JCRS (2006) 8: 13-24.

van Ofwegen LP, Benayahu Y
A new genus of paralcyoniid soft corals (Octocorallia, Alcyonacea, 
Paralcyoniidae) from the Indo-West Pacific
Galaxea, JCRS (2006) 8: 25-37.

Titlyanov EA, Titlyanova TV, Yakovleva IM, Sergeeva OS
Three stages of injuries regeneration on scleractinian corals
Galaxea, JCRS (2006) 8: 38-40.

Kitada Y, Fujimura H, Tokeshi R, Oomori T
Air-sea CO2 flux and gas exchange coefficient at the Sesoko coral reefs, 
Okinawa, Japan
Galaxea, JCRS (2006) 8: 41-60.

Nakamura Y, Terashima H, Chettanand S, Sato N, Ida H
Preliminary survey and diet analysis of seagrass bed fishes at Mauritius, 
Western Indian Ocean
Galaxea, JCRS (2006) 8: 61-70.

-Short Communication

Abe K
High cadmium concentration in the estuarine sediment of the Miyara River 
(Ishigaki Island)
Galaxea, JCRS (2006) 8: 71-73.

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