[Coral-List] Survey on Fishery Management Effectiveness

Camilo Mora moracamilo at walla.com
Wed Nov 8 15:42:08 EST 2006

   Dear Listers:

   We   would   appreciate   the  help  of  those  of  you  with  general
   understanding  of  the  fisheries in your country to fill out a survey
   that  has  been  designed  to  assess  the  effectiveness  of  fishery
   management in countries worldwide.

   The  Fishery  Management  Assessment Project is the continuation of an
   initiative  to  assess  the  effectiveness  of conservation strategies
   worldwide.  This  project  will  seek  to  quantify fishery management
   effectiveness  based  on  questions  regarding  several aspects of the
   local  fisheries.  The questions are contained in a survey that can be
   found at


   The  survey  contains  22 multiple-choice questions and takes only few
   minutes to fill out.

   Thank you very much for you attention and collaboration,


   P.S.  the  report  on the effectiveness of coral reef MPAs appeared in
   the  June  23  issue  of  science  and  you  can  find  a  free PDF at
   Camilo Mora, Ph.D.
   Department of Biology
   Dalhouisie University
   Halifax, Canada
   Phone 902-494-3910
   Web-page at [2]http://as01.ucis.dal.ca/fmap/people.php?pid=53
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   1. http://www.fmap.ca/
   2. http://as01.ucis.dal.ca/fmap/people.php?pid=53
   3. http://www.walla.com/

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