[Coral-List] Flow regime and larval settlement patterns

sperkol at post.tau.ac.il sperkol at post.tau.ac.il
Tue Nov 14 03:22:06 EST 2006

Dear listers,

I am investigating the effect of flow regime (mainly type of flow; i.e., laminar
vrs. turbulent) on the settlement of marine larvae.
I am familiar with work done on the effect of current speed on settlement
preferences of various fouling organisms, but I have not seen any work done on
the influence of flow regime on early attachment and settlement processes.
I'd greatly appreciate any references dealing with this aspect, or on the
interaction between flow regime, algal growth and larval settlement.


Shimrit Perkol-Finkel

PhD Candidate
Dept of Zoology, Faculty of Life Sciences
Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv
Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
Cell: 054-4242181
sperkol at gmail.com
sperkol at post.tau.ac.il

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