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I can always depend on Gene to turn my crank, but this time I will hold
my tongue. Instead, I will direct -listers to:


-which is a CBC TV special shown last night, tracing the histories of
those scientists who are global-warming "skeptics." It may be viewed
on-line, and for those who have access to CBC TV, will be repeated at
some future times.

Turns out there are no surprises, and some surprises.

No surprises: the skeptics aren't skeptical at all, they are funded by
Big Oil, in most cases through channels that are hard to uncover.  They
are paid to say what they say, no matter what the science. Amongst
serious climate scientists, the debate is over. Was over a decade ago.

One surprise, at least to me: many of these so-called "skeptics" are
retreads from the Great Tobacco Court Cases! Remember all those PR
firms, and those "scientists", who kept saying "correlation is not
proof?" Well, their job was to delay action while the cigarette
companies raked in more dough. The same people now show up as "climate
skeptics." Their role, again, is to delay action. It's a dirty game


On Thu, 16 Nov 2006 14:27:55 -0500
 Gene Shinn <eshinn at marine.usf.edu> wrote:
>   Co2 global warming advocates might find this of interest. 
> http://epw.senate.gov/pressitem.cfm?party=rep&id=265956
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