[Coral-List] NASA - NASA Study Finds Increasing Solar Trend That Can Change Climate

Rusty Barnett rusty.barnett at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 17 13:27:25 EST 2006


Before you bash Gene for presenting you with "inconvenient truths", take a look at the attached link he sent.  You might restrict yourselves to answering the points raised in the report he forwarded, not simply fall back on ad hominem attacks.  You might also find the following link interesting.  It is but one of many reports over the last few years that don't seem to get much press because they are not part of the "party line".  Are humans part of the cause?  Sure.  Are we all (or even most of) it?  Not as likely.  Other factors that are thought to play a role include the development of agriculture over the last few thousand years and even the heat-trapping effects of high altitude contrails (observed during the flight groundings post 9/11).  Throw in the "heat island" effect of all the "development" of the past century, and you start to get a pretty messy picture.  Should we take steps to get CO2 emissions down?  You bet.  Is that the ONLY thing we need to think about?  No way.  Is it dangerous to get fixated on one possible cause while ignoring other problems?  You tell me.  The question is FAR more complex than simply anthropogenic CO2...



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