[Coral-List] Underwater Video Camera

sulu_r at usp.ac.fj sulu_r at usp.ac.fj
Sat Nov 25 09:12:22 EST 2006

Dear Listers,
apologies for diverting from this important debate on climate change.  Im 
considering the use of underwater video camera to do fish census and coral 
transects.  This work will be in the Solomon Islands at maximum depth of 20m. 
Which Camera, housing and lighting are the best for this kind of work.  Has 
anyone tried the JVC or Sony 5 mega pixel HDD series (records on to built in 
hard drive rather than tapes)?, are they reliable and resolutions better or is 
it better to use camcorders that use tapes. Any adivise you offer would e 

Reuben Sulu

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