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Marc Kochzius kochzius at uni-bremen.de
Mon Oct 9 08:25:51 EDT 2006

Hi Listers,

Here is another interesting meeting in the Indo-Pacific region:

Bali, 14th - 16th November 2006
SPICE/LOICZ/ATSEF/SEACORM (SLAS) Southeast Asia Coastal Governance and 
Management Forum: Science Meets Policy for Coastal Management and Capacity 




At 22:25 07.10.2006 +0800, you wrote:
>Hi Alex and list,
>Here is a list of hopefully relevant meetings in the Indo-Pacific region, 
>taken recently from the MPA News conference list.
>October 30-November 4, 2006: "Coral Reef Ecosystems Biodiversity Forum", 
>Noumea, New Caledonia: www.ird.nc/biodec
>November 28-30, 2006: "Workshop on the Meso-scale Effects of Coral 
>Bleaching on Corals
>and Fishes" Zanzibar, Tanzania: tmcclanahan at wcs.org
>December 12-16, 2006 "East Asian Seas Congress 2006" Haikou City, Hainan 
>Province, PR China: www.pemsea.org/eascongress/
>February 10-13, 2007 "Arabian Seas International Conference on Science and 
>Technology of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Oceanography" 
>April 16-20, 2007 "International Coastal Symposium" Gold Coast, 
>Queensland, Australia: www.griffith.edu.au/school/eng/ics2007/
>June 13-17, 2007 "21st Pacific Science Congress (21 PSC)" Okinawa, Japan: 
>July 10-13, 2007 "The Biodiversity Extinction Crisis: a Pacific and 
>Australasian Response" Sydney, Australia: Richard.kingsford at unsw.edu.au
>September 11-14, 2007 "5th Coastal and Marine Tourism Congress" Auckland, 
>New Zealand: nztri.aut.ac.nz/cmt2007/pages/
>October 22-26, 2007 "Fifth WIOMSA Scientific Symposium" Durban, South 
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